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comment ROOMS

A room opens itself – or better expressed: Rooms open themselves, because the borders of the room do not always stay the same. Thanks to unusual perspectives and reflections, edges appear blurry at times, distinct at others. Up and down, right and left, they change places. In this way the room becomes transparent: Figures, whose seemingly weightless gestures are frozen in front of the camera, enter the space – as if someone had disrupted their dance. At the same time the spaces often seem to glow from within. The green-blue environment is illuminated by a sourceless silver luminescence, creating the impression of another dimension, a kind of world-in-between or parallel universe.

Uwe Steckhan brings this world to life; in his vision the random movements of his models take on meaning. By playing with the dissolution of traditional patterns he captures the enchanting magic that has always excited and inspired him as a photographer.

During the photoshooting not only the artist was impressed by the magical atmosphere; these unique vibes took over his models, too, even though it was their first underwater shooting. Their high motivation was obvious; as more nightshoots became necessary they gladly voluntered to take part. Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the work was their newly discovered body perception and creative development in relation to their bodys. They modelled under water as if they had never done anything else in their whole life.

Colette Nussbaum
Dietmar Blume
Jacob Seidel
Nikolas Gerdell
Raimunda Ribeiro dos Santos
Sebastian Erl
Tim Williams
Tom Ebel

Production & Crew
Photographer: Uwe Steckhan
Production: filmyard Berlin
Underwater Studios: filmyard Berlin
Concept & Art Director: Uwe Steckhan
Props & Set Decoration: Susanne Dietze
1.Assistent Photographer: Fee Scherer
2.Assistent Photographer: Matthias Schwarz
Styling: Danja Swindall
Hair & Make-up: Birgit Weitzmann
Fashion & Acceccoires: Charls Steube


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